Eco Friendly Technology

VGCB is always committed to Eco Friendly Technology.

Some of the initiatives in this regard are:

To suppress the dust generated while handling the coal from the vessel up to the wagon loading system a modern technology based suppression system is installed all over the plant. Dry fog dust suppression system is installed for controlling the dust generated during transfer of coal at all transfer points.

The technology of ‘dry fog dust suppression in water atomization with compressed air principle’ is adopted in the berth. Nozzles are installed at every transfer point which are capable of producing the super fine atomization of water droplets that greatly increase the dust particles to contact the water droplets there by making it heavy and resulting in settlement of dust.

The whole mechanized conveying system is provided with enclosed conveyor system making the area environment friendly. Necessary modifications have been carried out to avoid chute jam and additional scrapers have been provided at each conveyer resulting in elimination of spillages.

To control the dust generated at the stack yard area, sprinklers are installed across the Stack yard.